Brook Gets Down on One Knee

Brook and Allyson had a special vacation planned to St. Thomas – where Brook had all the plans in place to pop the question. But unfortunately Hurricane Irma hit with vengeance, and they decided to move their vacation to the West Coast.

Allyson is a big Grey’s Anatomy fan, so when Brook discovered Kerry Park (also pictured in the opening credits of Grey’s Anatomy) he knew this would be a perfect spot for his Seattle proposal.

Brook and Allyson took an uber from their hotel to the park, but unfortunately Allyson got car sick. Poor thing just wasn’t feeling good. Brook and Allyson walked around and sat down for awhile so that Allyson could get to feeling better. Once she had her wits about her again, Brook led her to the spot of the proposal. The couple had a sweet intimate moment as he popped the question and Allyson said “YES!”.

Dom Perignon and a stunning bouquet full of roses by Studio 3 Floral was waiting for them. Brook then swooped up Allyson in a Rolls Royce and headed for dinner at Canlis to celebrate.

Congrats you two! We’re so happy for you to start planning your lives together!


Photo: Kelly Lemon Photography // Planner: Planning for Dudes // Floral: Studio 3 Floral // Transportation: British Motor Coach // Celebratory Dinner: Canlis

How and Where to Propose this Holiday Season

It’s almost engagement season and we’re gearing up to plan lots of beautiful, sweet proposals over at Planning for Dudes!

D Magazine just published an article with lots of tips for any gents planning on popping the question this holiday season! Check out our advice and the full article here!

Photo: Charla Storey

Holiday Proposal Inspiration

I KNOW we’re not alone in saying the holidays are our favorite time of year, and around these parts it’s known as the season of sparkle…aka proposal time! And whether you’re already rocking that left hand bling, or anxiously awaiting the big event, we’ve got an engagement shoot that’ll get the romance party started. Merry Christmas to all of clients – past, present and future!















Photography: Lindsey Shea Photography // Event Planning: Planning for Dudes // Florals: Gro Designs // Bakery: Amuse Bake Shop // Hair + Makeup: Lindey Duckworth // Calligraphy: Natalie Grace // Christmas Tree Farm: 4 CeeSons Christmas Tree Farm

Rudy and Jessenia Visit Seattle in Style

Jessenia loves Seattle and has told Rudy many times that she wants to ultimately move and live in Seattle. As the two currently live in Texas, Rudy knew he wanted to pop the question on their vacation to Seattle.

There’s no greater view of the Seattle Skyline than at Kerry Park – the location to their surprise proposal. Rudy and Jessenia arrived to Kerry Park and grabbed a seat on one of the benches. Much to Jessenia’s shock and hesitation, a guitarist came over and asked them to follow him. The guitarist led them to a portion of the park where dozens of candles were set up along with garland along the park railing. With the sun currently setting, it created a magical light over the place. The guitarist then began serenading Jessenia and Rudy. Rudy got down on one knee and asked Jessenia to marry him.

She said YES 0f course! Jessenia then was handed the most beautiful bouquet with all of her favorite flowers. After lots of sunset photos, Rudy and Jessenia took off in a limo headed to dinner to celebrate their new engagement!

The two plan on having a September 2017 wedding! Congrats Rudy and Jessenia!



Photos: Nani Oei Photography // Planning and Coordination: Planning For Dudes // Floral Design: Gather Design Company // Guitarist: David James // Secured Photographer and Guitarist: The Heart Bandits // Restaurant: Salty’s on Alki // Limo: British Motor Coach

Thomas and Alicia Beach Proposal

The first time I talked to Thomas over the phone, I KNEW that him and Alicia had a love that was going to last. Thomas is that sweet guy who had kept every single memento from his relationship with Alicia. Alicia and Thomas met at school in California and knew right away it was meant to be! After school, Alicia moved back to the Seattle area for a job and Thomas soon followed.

There’s a small beach over near Deception Pass that Alicia’s family and friends have named “Alicia Beach.” Thomas knew immediately that he wanted to make Alicia his fiancé at this beach. But of course hiking to a beach and dropping on one knee wasn’t near enough. Thomas wanted to catalog their entire relationship. From the parking lot to the beach, four different tables were set up to document their relationship milestones including: “First Coffee”, “First Date,” “Ventura,” and “Seattle”. Each table had a chalkboard with key dates, photos, flowers and mementos from that time period.

By the time they made it to Alicia Beach, Alicia anticipated what was coming. There was a much larger chalkboard with champagne, rose petals and candles set up. Thomas dropped down on his knee for .5 seconds before Alicia said “Yes!”

The newly engaged couple celebrated with champagne and took the day to be together. Later that evening they headed to a restaurant to celebrate with their closest family and friends in Seattle.

The two wed on a beautiful November Saturday and we’re so excited for them to celebrate this huge chapter in their lives!


















Photo: Kerry Jeanne Photography // Planning and Design: Planning for Dudes // Floral Design: Studio 3 Floral // Rentals: Vintage Ambiance // Chalkboard Signs: Chalk Boss

Nathan + Michaela’s Sweet Proposal

We were SO honored to be able to bring together Nathan’s dream proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Michaela. I think we were just as anxious and excited as he was when they walked into the Mansion minutes before the big moment! Nathan had told her they were going to an art show at the classic Mansion on Turtle Creek, but when they turned the corner for the “art show”, Michaela was greeted by a guitarist, flower lined path, and a bigger surprise than she could’ve imagined! Afterwards, they enjoyed a private dinner on the terrace- so romantic! We loved the intimacy of the proposal, thoughtful details that went into making this proposal so special, and of course the fact that they will have these photos by Charla Storey to remember this day forever!!  Cheers to Nathan + Michaela!

20150611-9G7A8739 20150611-9G7A8753 20150611-9G7A8760 20150611-9G7A8762 20150611-9G7A8767 20150611-9G7A8775 20150611-9G7A8785 20150611-9G7A8791 20150611-9G7A8796 20150611-9G7A8799 20150611-9G7A8803 20150611-9G7A8813 20150611-9G7A8816 20150611-9G7A8833 20150611-9G7A8851-2 20150611-9G7A8856 20150611-9G7A8890 20150611-9G7A8937-2

Planning: Planning For Dudes // Location: Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek // Photography: Charla Storey // Floral and Decor: R Love Floral // Guitarist: Luqman Rashada

Underrated Bachelor Party Destinations for Dudes

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.23.55 AMWe recently learned about a fun app and website, The Alpha Groom, that will help all you guys with the wedding process! The Alpha Groom offers tips and advice for men as they go through the steps of the wedding, bachelor party, and honeymoon. This app will get you from “Will you marry me?” to “I do” in one incredibly smooth piece!  Check out their ideas on fun and different bachelor parties below!

Over Las Vegas? Try These Alternative Bachelor Party Destinations.

So you’re planning your best bud’s bachelor party, but you’d like to avoid the clichéd Las Vegas trip? Since Vegas has been done to death, we’d like to suggest a few underrated destinations where you can party your face off with a little more style:

1. Big City Party


Although both of these cities can hardly be called underrated in a general sense, they usually aren’t considered go-to bachelor party destinations. But why not? Both of these cities literally have everything. Chicago offers hours of day-drinking fun with an amazing selection of brewery tours followed by a ballgame at the jewel in America’s crown known as Wrigley Field, and New York offers all-night parties at some of the world’s most legendary nightlife destinations. Both cities are foodie havens, featuring some of the best cuisine on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a high-end guy’s vacation, or a weekend of bar-crawling debauchery, Chicago and NYC offer both, and in a much cooler setting.

2. Rugged Man Stuff


If you’ve ever felt like a cowboy trapped in a city-slicker’s body, the dude ranch bachelor party is for you. The beautiful wide-open countryside of Wyoming is peppered with authentic farmsteads like Jackson Hole’s Goosewing Ranch, which offers horseback riding, fly fishing, shooting, river rafting and a whole slate of dust-covered fun for you and your crew. Plus, when it’s time to kick off your spurs and relax, you can do so in style in tastefully rustic lodgings complete with a bar, pool, hot tub, sauna and an available masseuse. But if tumbleweeds and tobacco-juice aren’t quite your thing, a winter-time outdoor extravaganza at Park City Utah really can’t be beat. Offering some of the best skiing in the country, Park City is your perfect mountain man escape, and it’s totally up to you how rugged you want to get, from camping options to cabins to full-on spa resorts, Park City’s got you covered.

3. Music Fest

Austin, TX

Summer is right around the corner, which means festival season is on its way. What better way to spend a bachelor weekend than with days of endless music, food, parties, concerts, food, parties and after-parties at Austin’s legendary South By Southwest festival? A major plus side of a festival bachelor party is that it eliminates the pressure of having to scramble for activities to fill your schedule because everything is planned out for you! Not just for vinyl-collecting hipsters, SXSW has a little something for everyone with a film festival and world famous interactive tech fest. However, if SXSW doesn’t fit your schedule, or you can’t get tickets in time, Austin is still an amazing place to host a party weekend any time of year. Festival or no, with more venues per capita than any other city, Austin truly is the Live Music Capital of the World, and with a ton of amazing bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from, the party scene of Austin’s lively 6th street won’t let you and your buddies down.


4. Road Trip

The journey IS the destination, maaannn!

If you’re the adventurous type, but scorpions in your sleeping bag aren’t your idea of a good time, the road trip bachelor party might be the option for you. Relatively cheap and always full of surprises, a multi-day drive through this big beautiful country of ours is an awesome way to show your best dude a good time before he disappears into his new life of domestic bliss. Hotels, roadside attractions (look at that giant ball of twine!), truck-stop beef jerky, what’s not to love? Plus every night means a new city, new people and a new party.

A few tips: plan your route carefully, you’ll want at least a few days on the road to make it worth your while, and you should pick an especially cool final destination (New Orleans?), somewhere you can really let loose. Also, rent a van/minibus/something large enough so you and your friends can stretch out during the longer rides, this also gives you the freedom to fly back home, ending the trip on a high note after the big final blowout.


Be sure to check out The Alpha Groom for advice & tips along the way!!

The ring box that will solve all of your problems

Posted by Victoria Rellas

You’ve planned out your whole proposal. You’ve made sure her friends and family have kept their mouths shut. You’ve deleted e-mails, texts, any evidence about the proposal. And then you leave for the big night with your soon to be fiance with a huge, bulky ring box in your pocket that screams to the world and to your girlfriend that you plan on proposing tonight! Not so sneaky after all of your hard work!

A packaging designer from Vancouver has solved this issue with the Clifton ring box! This new design allows you to have the ring in your pocket all night, without spoiling the surprise! The box can fit in your pocket, or even into your wallet. Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.21.17 PM


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.35.18 PM


The ring box is so popular, the designer has stopped taking orders for September, but will resume for next month! Check it out at Then call us to plan out that proposal 🙂






Because there is an APP for that!

Posted by Victoria Rellas 

Whether you are racking your brain for sneaky ways to figure out her ring size, or have no idea on where to start with engagement ring size or shape, there is an app for that! Unlike the ring you will be purchasing for your fiancé, the Tiffany’s Engagement Ring Finder App is absolutely free!

tiffanymain page


We love the idea of surprising your fiancé with a ring, but it’s it might be smart to get some input from her before you make the big decision! Have some fun with your girl “trying on” different styles and sizes.  You can put the rings together with wedding bands, looking forward to that exciting future! Once you have an idea of her style, then you can ultimately take care of it yourself!

The app even allows you to take a picture of her left hand, then have some fun trying on different rings and settings! She will LOVE it!


Photos from 

And for the ultimate trick, borrow one of her rings that would fit her ring finger, and use the app to determine the size you will need by simply placing the ring against your iPhone and matching the size! No more stealing one of her rings, or making educated guesses…How useful is that!

Have some fun with the app and then call us to help set up an unforgettable proposal!